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Hi Sunny and Lee,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you how “wonderful” Michele McShane is. She is truly exceptional and I think it is so important to share that with you both. Michele has been incredibly instrumental in winning business with myself and members of the HelmsBriscoe ResourceOne team due to her knowledge of Cabo and the industry, hard work, tenacity , attention to detail, great attitude and VIP customized service. She continually over delivers excellence and is obviously respected by the Cabo vendors and team members that work alongside her.

We recently had a client, Chairman of the Board, do a site visit and Michele and team knocked it out of the park. Steve is very difficult to please and shared rave reviews about Michele….which trust me…is not the norm.

The HBR1 Program Directors work all over the world and we don’t find many DMC’s that could even begin to measure up to Michele. You truly have a Superstar and we “Love” working with her. We have several programs in 2016 and 2017 and will continue to book with Michele.

Thanks for being a loyal DMC partner and delivering time and time again a fabulous experience for both us and our customers.

Kindest regards, Kaye
Hi Christian and Geraldine,

Thanks so much for making this program a real success for our client. You both are very talented and I am grateful we collaborate with you. Thanks Cheryl for a great job handling the Meridian account. They are very loyal to anyone who makes them look great in front of their client so that is what you did. Thanks for handling so nicely their hotel change due to the delay of hotel openings.

Thank you so much, Cheryl, for all your hard work in getting this together in such short time. It was a pleasure working with you.  Your team on site, Christian and Geraldine in particular, were wonderful.  Client loved the program and said to thank you also.  They think they are coming back next year – we will have to think of other evening event options for them when the time comes!!!  They loved everything and the Palmilla!

Thank you again!  See you in September... will be in touch soon.

Cheryl, a great job once again. You really pulled everything together and helped to make this a great program to a very valued client of ours.  I appreciate your patience and dedication throughout this whole process and change of hotels. Your input and guidance was key to making this happen. Looking forward to more programs and a great working relationship.
Kindest regards, Gary

I wanted to share with you what an awesome job Terramar did on the HON TriMega program.

As you know I have pretty high expectations (from my UBS days) and I can honestly say they are a 5 Star company!!!

It is very rare to have the President of the company comment on the DMC staff and service. In this case the HON President told me that this DMC was top notch.

I will be recommending them to everyone I know operating a program in Cabo.
Erin Wendell
To Christel & Team.

During our pre-con meeting on Saturday January 10th, I was asked what the goal of this trip was. My answer was simple…to WOW our employees at every turn. I always had confidence in that the program put in place would be a wonderful employee experience for our winners but I wasn't expecting to be WOW'd myself.

You and your team were magnificent and I could not be more proud of the job you've done for our event. I've been a part of 4 Annual Celebrations and this one scared me the most just to the sheer size of our group. The Terramar team was unbelievable from start to finish and made this the most memorable and talked about event to date. The reviews from our Executive Team as well as our winners have been incredible and I owe a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you that played a part in the success.

This business we're all in forces long hours and high pressure situations. It takes a special kind of person to handle the things we all do on a daily basis and we are the key to a successful event. The respect that I have gained for you and your team is immeasurable and the bonds that have been created will not be forgotten.

All of you are the reason I LOVE Panama.

Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart.

Your Friend.
Craig W.
Bank Institution.
To Whom It May Concern:

Last month, the company I work spent for days in Cabo, and Christian Escalante was in charge of our group during the stay. I would like for you to know that he did an AMAZING job overseeing our group, and would highly recommend him for future events!

His professionalism and pedigree are to be recognized by his superiors.

Thank you for your services and for your guidance during our vacation there at the One & Only Palmilla!

Kindest Regards,
Christen Brown,
Marketing Manager, Darling Homes
Mr. Irvine, although I have not had the opportunity to meet with you, I cannot praise your entire staff enough starting with Christel on the fantastic job they did for us in Panama. The hotel and tours were excellent, but behind the scenes your staff working with Creative Incentives and Events made the difference in the program. I am so thankful that Sarah Moss of Creative and Incentives and Events selected your company to work with.

I have always had the highest confidence in Sarah’s judgment with interviewing and selecting the local DMC and once again her selection was perfect. Your entire team was professional and went out of the way to make sure every detail was handled. The ever present smiles, courtesy and willingness to go the extra mile / kilometer was apparent with the entire staff. There were many challenges in the program and certainly at the end with the medical emergency I felt they were in the most capable hands. Under normal circumstances I would not have left Panama until the guests were also on their way.

As I expressed to Christel, please feel free to pass my contact information off to any companies that may request references or information when considering Terramar. If you or any of your staff have the opportunity to visit southern California, please let us know so we can treat you to some hospitality.

My best for continued success,
Michael Kennedy
I hope this note finds you well. It was a pleasure to meet you last week in Cabo and I hope our paths cross again.

The service provided by you, Enrique and the Terramar staff before and during our National Meeting in Cabo was excellent. Each of the recreation options were enjoyed by all who participated. Hacienda Cocina y Cantina was a great choice for our offsite dinner. Transfers went smoothly. Even taking care of seven attendees whose flights were cancelled was not a problem for your team. The people of Terramar greatly contributed to the success of our meeting.

Enrique deserves special recognition. From our first meeting at the airport he instilled great confidence and I truly enjoyed working with him through the entire event. If I needed something, I knew I could depend upon him. He amazed me with his ability to accurately and discretely count passengers amid many potential distractions. At the offsite dinner, from special dietary needs of guests to providing me ample notice to prepare guests for departure, Enrique’s attention to detail was outstanding.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Please feel free to direct potential customers to me for a reference, it would be a pleasure.

Yours truly,
Nichino America, Inc.
I wanted to say a big thank you for partnering with BCD M&I on our recent event in Los Cabos. I am sure you get odd requests all the time, but I think Johan out did himself on this one and thanks to you and your team it was a huge success..... the Xtreme Biking Adventure. This totally customized tour shows Terramar's ability to be flexible and forthcoming to new ideas and making things happen. Thank goodness for us, that you have a talented member of your team who not only loves what she does but is dedicated to Terramar's customer satisfaction commitment. I wanted to make special mention of Laura Lopez for her instrumental part in putting together the agenda for the 11.5 mile -never been done before trip into some of the Baja's interestingly scenic and diverse regions. Her knowledge of the region offered a superior insight to those guests who worked their way through the varied terrains to get to the welcomed surprise at the end of an enduring biking trip - Sol De Mayo Cascada. The teambuilding dynamics of this I am sure strengthened the working relationship between the employees and management for Stryker and a once in a lifetime experience for those who often do not get out of the tourist areas.

Another special thank you to the catering company for their excellent and very important and memorable parts of this program. And of course to you Michele for your undying efforts on our behalf! We are lucky to have a partner such as you and Terramar making our programs a success. And it was fun talking about those people who have crossed both our paths in previous years from your early days in Dayton, Ohio (and today we got our first snow - ahh the joys of your move to Baja)!. Hello to Teo and thanks to your daughter for letting us use her pink bike!!

Take care,
Tracey L. Adams
CMP - Program Manager | BCD Meetings & Incentives
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for arranging the transfers for me during my Cabo vacation! The drivers and vehicles were wonderful! So prompt and clean, it was a welcome sight to see.

I absolutely loved Cabo and am jealous that you get to live there! I was able to see One & Only Palmilla while I was there, and was amazed by everything I experienced there.

I will definitely be vacationing in Cabo again, and will recommend Terramar to everyone who is planning a trip there.

Thank you again!
Jeff Bergmann
Account Executive
I wanted to make sure that I took the time to write an official note of thanks and appreciation to you and your team for a job very well done. You and I have a long history so it came as no surprise to me that you and I worked so incredibly well together. As you are all too aware I'm sure, we do have choices of DMC's available to us in Cabo but my motto is why mess with success?! I very much appreciate the simple fact that you just "get it" understand the level of expectation I have for my clients. Automotive clients travel a lot, they travel very well, and they have a large and expansive basis for comparison. It gives me peace of mind to know I don't have to help you to understand all of that and that you have the expertise to know what to recommend and more importantly what to stay away from. There were a couple of times during the process that I wasn't quite sure about something and you asked me to trust you.........I did trust you and you came through with flying colors. So this is a personal thank you from me directly to you for not only being a great business partner but a friend as well. I know I expect a lot on behalf of my clients but I truly try very hard not to make the working experience a miserable one for the people I work with and I appreciate that you allow me to be demanding and yet have fun throughout the process.

Okay, now this part is for your team. Terramar has done an excellent job of hiring. Teo, Lupita, and Marco to just name a few of the key players, were all incredible. Teo is a super star. He is very thorough and professional but he is also a blast to work with. I never worried when Teo was around and that says a ton. Lupita is a sweetheart as well. I must say that even every driver I came in contact with were so nice as well. So please let your team know that I very much appreciated everything that they did as they did it very well.

I really can see these guys wanting to come back and maybe going to the One and Only Palmilla so it could be sooner rather than later that you see me never know. Thank you so much for all your brilliance and expertise.
Chris Suellentrop
How are you? I am so sorry it has taken this long for me to write.

I wanted to let you know how pleased Lynette was with everything that Terramar touched. You guys did an outstanding job! We look forward to working with you again the next time we are back in Cabo…which at this point for TDS will be 2016. Hopefully I will be there with another group long before then.

I can't express enough how much I appreciated your efforts during this process. I couldn't be more thrilled with the performance of your team and everything Terramar has to offer. Working with you has been a pleasure. I understand why Marguerite Florsham speaks so highly of Terramar and is such a big advocate and promoter of your organization. I hope we catch up again sooner than later.

Best Regards,
Scott Young
The Meeting Company
Everything Terramar touched regarding my program was top notch. I've been receiving so many compliments about the professional demeanor of your staff and the wonderful experiences of the dinner at Sunset da Mona Lisa and activities (especially ATV).

Again, thanks for everything - we certainly look forward to working with you again in Cabo. This is my fifth year coordinating this group, and Cabo is probably the best fit as far as a destination (easy access and lots of fun). ME by Melia did a fantastic job also. I wouldn't recommend a group coming in on the weekend, however. The Sunday-Wednesday pattern was ideal without too much of the club craziness.

Thanks for everything!
Chuck Bila
I just wanted to extend a Thank You to everyone on your staff for helping make the Pinnacol Assurance Event a HUGE success! Thank you for your attention to detail, your professionalism, your courtesy, and for making us feel welcome! Thank you for taking the time to ensure everything ran smoothly, for dealing with last minute changes, and for helping me with every aspect of the event. Terra Mar is a superb company and they are lucky to have staff like you to take care of their clients. I cannot thank you enough - the drivers were GREAT, the deep sea fishing was the BEST ever, the golf was absolutely fantastic, the land and sea tour was such a cool and exciting activity - our people are still talking about it, the gifts were out of this world and I received many, many compliments, the dine around was the BEST food ever, and the shopping shuttle was perfect!!

A Special Thank You to Teo!! Thank you for being such a great person to work with. Thank you for dealing with the last minutes changes, additions, etc. You're staff is wonderful - especially Alex!! What a great guy! Thank you for helping us with every aspect of our event - I could not have done it without you!

A Special Thank You to Julia! You're the BEST ever! You knew exactly what I wanted and did whatever it took to make it happen. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Thank you for helping make this event a success - I will miss working with you. That is...unless we come back next year! :)

Take Care!
Laura Weddingfeld
Director of Corporate Events
First of all, I want you to know that it was a wonderful experience working with you and Teo. I appreciate both of you -- the attention to detail was impeccible and appreciated. You both made my job easy.

Our group commented constantly on how professional and kind Teo was. He was on-time, knew our program and very accommodating - a very nice person. Please pass our "thanks" on to Teo and let him know what a wonderful job he did for our group.

If we ever come back -- I will definitely work with Terramar again (especially you and Teo)! The restaurant selections were wonderful. We could not have asked for better -- the food and service as great. Everyone commented on how good the food and service was. Great selections!

Thanks Julia!
Nancy Brantner
Interactive Health Solutions
I'm writing this email to tell you that I was very satisfied with the services that you provided to Citigroup at the One & Only. I must say that Enrique managed the DM parts of the program with knowledge and professionalism. He truly did an AMAZING job.

He understood the client needs, he was able to operate the logistics, to resolve any issues and to execute last minute requests. I really hope to be working with Enrique in the future. He's a great asset to Terramar.

Our client was very satisfied and it looks like we are coming back next year! Sincerely,

Andrea Foschi
As you know, in my experience as both a past president of site global and as a 30 year veteran of the industry ~ I have seen a lot of DMCs in action the world over...

The service we received from you personally and from Marco Morales during the recent Muzak program was exemplary! The two of you are professionals extraordinaire. One of the ways this was exhibited, was when Marco saved the day by locating, retrieving and personally delivering to a departing guest at the airport her lost Blackberry! This was a swift operation and the Blackberry was received in the nick of time before boarding. We really appreciate his quick and smooth response which was no small feat.

Thank you so much for you excellence and that of the Terramar team. Please be sure to pass on our thanks to all those behind the scenes who help make the success happen.

Every best wish for your continued success!

Most sincerely,
Louise Hall Reider, CITE
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