Because success never comes alone
— Irvine Family

As a socially responsible company, our objective is to serve everyone who forms part of the team, offering the necessary tools to reach success. Because of this, in May 2012, the Irvine Group Scholarship Program was designed with the purpose of continually helping our team-members improve both their personal and professional lives. Our program’s goal is to prepare our co-workers and their families in the best way possible in order for them to have the best chance to lead a better a life and be able to take on whatever challenge they are presented with.

This program seeks to prepare professionals, help them develop important life skills, and provide help to keep them growing personally and professionally. This is why we have developed and offer a number of different programs such as academic scholarships, educational courses, workshops, certification programs, congresses, and middle and high school education.

Because of the admiration and respect we have for our co-workers, we are committed to in benefitting their family income, promoting positive societal growth, trying to help ensure a successful future for upcoming generations and thus, forming professional, responsible and committed leaders.