At Terramar, we have awakened the growing need and demand for conscious living, working, traveling, and rewarding.

We are determined to continue whatever our company and other organizations are doing to contribute to world and community sustainability. Initiatives focused on our planet's health include 'going green' during programs in small ways, but ways that count.

Polycarbonate drink bottles that are long term event memorabilia, function well for bulk beverage options throughout the program and steer us away from plastic bottles, which last for thousands of years in landfills. Paperless registration for tour and activity options and dine-around will save paper and allow participants to have easy access to choices, even before the program.

On-site printing of program materials to avoid the long distance 'eco-cost' as well as the real cost of shipping and customs. Customized memory sticks with program materials, as opposed to excessive hand outs.