Hi Sunny and Lee,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you how “wonderful” Michele McShane is. She is truly exceptional and I think it is so important to share that with you both. Michele has been incredibly instrumental in winning business with myself and members of the HelmsBriscoe ResourceOne team due to her knowledge of Cabo and the industry, hard work, tenacity , attention to detail, great attitude and VIP customized service. She continually over delivers excellence and is obviously respected by the Cabo vendors and team members that work alongside her.

We recently had a client, Chairman of the Board, do a site visit and Michele and team knocked it out of the park. Steve is very difficult to please and shared rave reviews about Michele….which trust me…is not the norm.

The HBR1 Program Directors work all over the world and we don’t find many DMC’s that could even begin to measure up to Michele. You truly have a Superstar and we “Love” working with her. We have several programs in 2016 and 2017 and will continue to book with Michele.

Thanks for being a loyal DMC partner and delivering time and time again a fabulous experience for both us and our customers.

Kindest regards, Kaye



Thank you so much, Cheryl, for all your hard work in getting this together in such short time. It was a pleasure working with you.  Your team on site, Christian and Geraldine in particular, were wonderful.  Client loved the program and said to thank you also.  They think they are coming back next year – we will have to think of other evening event options for them when the time comes!!!  They loved everything and the Palmilla!

Thank you again!  See you in September... will be in touch soon.

Cheryl, a great job once again. You really pulled everything together and helped to make this a great program to a very valued client of ours.  I appreciate your patience and dedication throughout this whole process and change of hotels. Your input and guidance was key to making this happen. Looking forward to more programs and a great working relationship.

Kindest regards, Gary

Erin Wendell


I wanted to share with you what an awesome job Terramar did on the HON TriMega program.

As you know I have pretty high expectations (from my UBS days) and I can honestly say they are a 5 Star company!!!

It is very rare to have the President of the company comment on the DMC staff and service. In this case the HON President told me that this DMC was top notch.

I will be recommending them to everyone I know operating a program in Cabo.

Erin Wendell